Month of a Slovakian cuisine

Dear guests,
Even though the Slovak and Czech cuisines are very much alike, the Slovak includes many unique dishes you will not find anywhere else in the world. For the whole month of September, our chef and his team will prepare for you the ones Slovak people like the most. For starters you can have an assortment of Slovak famer´s sausages with pickled vegetables and onion bread. The soup lovers should not miss the CABBAGE SOUP and one of the main starters has to be the most typical dish – HALUŠKY WITH BRYNZA (sheep cheese) plus roasted bacon. You can also be looking forward to trying PORK ROAST WITH ONION SALAD and the desert – APPLE PIE. The menu is served until the 30th of September, always from 17:00 to 22:30. You can reserve a seat in the restaurant via: +420 603 459 172 or E:


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