Dear guests,

Your safety is our main concern and that is why we have introduced maximum hygienic precautions and kept the highest level of safety standards. Our team continuously monitors the situation regarding  COVID-19 and respects all government regulations and recommendations by WHO and The Association of Hotels and Restaurants. Our employees are familiarized with these regulations and trained for their implementation into individual hotel departments.

We very appreciate your support and loyalty and we look forward to seeing you!

Your Maximus Resort hotel team


  1. Air is being cleansed through ozonizer and disinfectant fog every day – more than 99 % bacteria and viruses are killed.
  2. In the hotel areas, increased regular usage of antiviral disinfection precautions is implemented, including regular disinfection of contact surfaces (handles, rails, elevator buttons, room equipment, refreshment areas etc.).
  3. All clients are required to strictly comply with the anti-epidemic precautions and to wear face masks. Exceptions are during stay in the swimming pool, in sauna cabins, when consuming drinks and refreshments (in these cases, face mask can be off).
  4. Saunas in the wellness center are set to minimum temperature of 75 °C.  Steam saunas are out of service, same as the ice well. There are no sauna ceremonials.
  5. Upon arrival/check-in, each guest is asked to measure their temperature with our contactless thermometer. Should the temperature exceed 37,5 °C, we reserve the right not to accommodate the client, with regards to safety of other guests and employees.
  6. Upon check-in, you will be asked to sign a registration form with health statement of COVID-19 symptoms elimination.
  7. Breakfast buffet will be serviced to maximally eliminate contact of more people with the food.
  8. Disinfection stands are available for all guests.
  9. Linen and clothes are washed during sufficiently high temperatures to provide sterilization.
  10. All employees are equipped with suitable protective means.

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