Closure of Přístavní street on 28th August 2020

Dear guests, Due to the 28. INTERTECH TRIATHLON SUPERPRESTIGE 2020, the Přístavní street (route from stop Přístaviště up to the restaurant U Lva) will be closed on Saturday, 28th August 2020 from 6.00 to 20.00. Please use route through Kníničky during the closure. Hotel bus will operate from 6.00 to 20.00 (including) through an alternative route via Rozdrojovice to […]


Geehrte Gäste, liebe Freunde, wir möchten eine Information mit Ihnen teilen, die einige von Ihnen vielleicht geahnt haben, die aber für andere eine völlige Neuigkeit sein wird. Seit dem Jahr 2019 hat das Maximus ein neues Brüderchen, und zwar das HOTEL SEN. Es befindet sich im Ort Senohraby, der zur märchenhaften Region Josef Ladas gehört. […]


Liebe Gäste, für den Sommer haben für eine Neuigkeit für Sie – regelmäßige Yogalektionen auf der Sonnenterasse oder auf der Hochzeits-Wiese! Die Yogastunden finden unter der Leitung von Lehrerinnen aus dem Brünner Studio Yoga House statt, und zwar bei gutem Wetter am Mittwoch und Freitag ab 18:00 Uhr. Yoga ist für Hotelgäste gratis einschließlich Ausleihe von […]

180 + 60 minutes for free

Dear guests, Now you can enjoy even more relaxation! If you stay in our wellness center Infinit Maximus for 180 minutes, you get additonal 60 minutes for free! In total, you can enjoy up to 240 minutes full of heated saunas, thermal pools and sunbathing in the outdoor area. The promotion is valid until further notice.

The hotel, wellness center and the restaurant closure

Dear guests, Due to the current situation and the new government regulation, our hotel including the wellness center and the restaurant is no longer open until further notice. Thank you for your understanding. Maximus Resort team


Dear guests, We would like to inform you that there will be the International Firework Competition STAROBRNO IGNIS BRUNENSIS only in few days and only few steps away from the hotel, at the Brno dam. Audience will be able to see four spectacular firework shows, always from 22.30, on 1st, 5th, 8th and 12th June. […]


Dear guests, We are pleased to invite you to the 22nd year of International Firework Competition STAROBRNO IGNIS BRUNENSIS, which starts this Saturday, 1st June, at the Brno dam – only few meters from the Maximus Resort hotel. Winners of worldwide and European firework competitions will take part in this competition. For the first time, […]

Closure of Přístavní street

Dear guests, Due to the Triathlon Superstige 2019 race, the Přístavní street will be closed on Saturday, 25th May 2019 from 7.00 to 18.30. Please use route through Kníničky during the closure. Hotel bus will operate from 7.00 to 18.30 (including) through an alternative route via Rozdrojovice to the stop U Zoologické zahrady 2. The bus will operate […]

Asparagus specialities

Dear guests, We would like to invite you to our restaurant where we currently serve ASPARAGUS SPECIALITIES. You can enjoy the special menu everyday since 5 pm. And since the asparagus season is relatively short, do not hesitate to try this healthy and delicious vegetable. We look forward to your visit! Maximus Resort Team

Opening hours of the restaurant 1. 5. 2019

Dear guests, we are currently preparing our new A la carte menu alongside our chef Libor Skřivánek that will start on May the 3rd. In order to provide you with the best possible experience we will be preparing and taking pictures of all the dishes tomorrow on May the 1st. Therefore the restaurant and lobby bar […]

New coffee machine at our breakfasts

Waking up to the aroma of a coffee is one of the morning pleasures for many of us, therefore, we have exciting news for the ones that love starting the day with a cup of delicious coffee. Our new coffee machine at our breakfasts comes with „Naber”, roastery with years of experience that has chosen a blend of […]

New shuttle bus schedule since 23. 1. 2019

Dear guests, we would like to inform you about few changes in the schedule of our shuttle bus. This shuttle bus is a free of charge service for our guests to provide them with the most comfortable experience while traveling. We look forward to your visit!  Maximus Resort Team


We would like to invite you to our restaurant for January VENISON FEAST. In these cold days, come and warm yourselves up with original Czech potato soup with sautéed mushrooms, or enjoy roasted boar pieces with wild spices and wine, or thinly sliced back of fallow deer with cranberry and rosemary sauce. The venison menu […]

Swiss Cuisine 1.-30. 11. 2018

Dear guests, you can enjoy SWISS CUISINE, which is a part of our gastro calendar, during the whole November. Swiss cuisine and its specialities are not very known in the world, although its quality is outstanding. The basic food of this cuisine is indisputably cheese and that is why it will neither be missing in our […]

New electric vehicle charging station

Dear guests, Newly, we offer the possibility to use our charging stations for electric vehicles. We have two stations available – one TESLA station and one universal station; they are both self-serviced and of the TESLA type. You can enter hotel garages for the charging period and charge your electric vehicle for free. During the […]

Russian cuisine 2.-31. 10. 2018

Dear guests, Within the monthly gastro calendar, prepared by our chef, Richard Hartinger, and his team, you will get a chance to taste traditional dishes of Russian cuisine. What can you specifically look forward to? The traditional soup BORSCHT or soft chicken salad NEŽNYJ will not be missing. As usual, you can choose from two main […]

Maxinews September

Dear guests, the month of September brings Maxinews – news from our hotel and its surroundings. We truly hopy you will enjoy reading it and find it helpful. Maximus Resort team

Month of a Slovakian cuisine

Dear guests, Even though the Slovak and Czech cuisines are very much alike, the Slovak includes many unique dishes you will not find anywhere else in the world. For the whole month of September, our chef and his team will prepare for you the ones Slovak people like the most. For starters you can have […]

New Lobby Bar

Dear guests, We would like to share the pictures along with the joy it brought to us seeing the results of the full reconstruction of our hotel lobby bar. Come and see the new area and enjoy a delicious coffee or a drink of your preference. We are looking forward to your visit! Maximus Resort Team

Day of Brno

Dear guests, As in every year, Brno celebrates the famous successful defence against the Swedish army. The Day in which the city of Brno commemorates the famous successful defence of the city walls against the Swedish army. As usual, it falls on the closest Saturday by the 15th of August and is accompanied by a rich […]